Issue Area: Rights of the Child

Abaana-African children

Abaana is a charity run by volunteers, along with three full time workers, for the benefit of less privileged people in Africa. The word Abaana” comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means “children”. Most of our work is geared towards children in Africa

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Abhivrudhi mission is to work actively for the abolition of child labour and to work for the empowerment of women folk.

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Abhiyan Foundation

VISION AND MISSION OF THE ‘ABHIYAN’“Environmentalism is the Universal Education;Self Reliance the Universal Liberation;Humanism is the way of Promotion” The fundamental objectives behind the concept of the ABHIYAN:· Create an opportunity of free education for poor, underprivileged and orphaned children.· Provide quality education in order to face the challenges of …

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ABLE-York is a student organization which promotes the rights of students with disabilities on campus and provides a number of services and disability resources for York students, staff and faculty.ABLE-York strives to identify and take action around issues of concern for students with disabilities.

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AbleChild, Parents for Label and Drug Free Education ADHD

AbleChild: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education is a nationally recognized Non-Profit Organization dedicated to parents, caregivers, and childrens rights alike. Incorporated in New York in November 2003, Ablechild is steadily moving toward ensuring that all caregivers are provided with a safe haven, resource center, and support network when …

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Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Children’s Home/Kinderhuis

Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Children’s Home makes a meaningful difference in the quality of life of children, families and communities by: · Providing a wide spectrum of appropriate services; · Protecting the rights of the child; · Employees that are motivated, satisfied and fairly remunerated; · By generating and managing …

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ABRAPIA Associação Brasileira Multiprofissional de Proteção à Infância e à Adolescência

Público AlvoCrianças, adolescentes e suas famílias (em parceria com toda a sociedade civil).Diretrizes• Desenvolvimento de projetos e implantação de programas que• Estudos e pesquisas relacionados ao adequado• Promoção da cidadania infanto-juvenil;• Valorização da família;• Mobilização da sociedade.Em uma das enfermarias de pediatria do Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar,um bebê de 3 …

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Abreu Charitable Trust

[imgul:shield.jpg:]MissionThe Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust was established under the will of May Patterson Abreu in honor of her husband, Francis, who died in 1969. May and Francis Abreu were prominent citizens in Atlanta and Sea Island, Georgia. May Abreu was Atlanta’s first Woman of the Year” in 1943

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Abrinq Foundation for Children’s Rights

MissionTo promote defense of the rights and the exercise of citizenship for children and adolescents.VisionAn equitable society responsible for the protection and complete development of its children and adolescents.Focuses of actionOur activities are focused on three major areas of priority action:Education – involving different educational dimensions such as: culture, sports, …

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