Issue Area: Youth Capacity Building

Zimbabwe Foundation for All Youth Associations ZIFAYA

Our VisionYoung men and women in any nation and particularly in Africa constitute an immense reservoir of energy and wisdom. Yet they are cramped in a corner and follow a warped path into the future. The formation of ZiFAYA was driven by the need to empower youth to effectively deal …

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Zimbabwe Integrated Youth Survival Alternative Programme [ZIYSAP]

Objectives To bring disadvantaged young people together to share life experiences, help them discover similarities in their life stories and expose them to relevant information that enhances their understanding of the present day world order. To equip young people with essential life skills they need for everyday life. Train them …

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Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children [ZNCWC]

Objectives To advocate and lobby for childrenÂ’s rights and issues. To facilitate networking and coalition building To monitor the fulfilment of childrenÂ’s rights and recommend appropriate action. To promote organisational development and capacity building. To mobilise resources and fund-raise for programmes on children rights and issues. To develop a resource …

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Zimbabwe Youth Forum ZYF

Objectives The provision of assistance/promotion of activities aimed at uplifting the standard of youths.To find a lasting solution to youth unemployment problems through increasing the knowledge base of effective programs, practices and policies that support child and youth development.To raise awareness of children and youth issues and of existing programs …

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