Issue Area: Ecological Change and Emerging Diseases

Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases Control

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases Control (GNNTDC) is a partnership formed in 2006 to raise the profile of neglected diseases and to stimulate a paradigm shift in disease control efforts. The major public-private partnerships devoted to the control of a single disease have agreed to work together in …

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Grains of Faith Foundation

We carry out research on plant-derived vaccines to combat various diseases (TB, HPV and others). Our work is financed by donations. The organization is based on Christian faith.

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Humans and animal populations are increasingly exposed to chemicals in the environment throughout their lifetime, during reproduction and ontogeny. GREEN Tox (Group for Reproductive, Endocrine and Environmental Toxicology) conducts research at two levels: (1) longterm toxicology of environmental chemicals (including cosmetics and flame retardants) with focus on endocrine effects, the …

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Harvard Initiative for Global Health

Harvard’s Initiative for Global Health seeks to create a new generation of leaders, and develop new and innovative solutions to the vital problems of global health. This university-wide effort will bridge the gap from basic to applied life sciences, including social, economic, political and ethical issues that influence global health. …

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Health Connections International

The Health Connections Initiative‘s mission is to contribute to and strengthen existing responses to the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) epidemics and to problems associated with drug use.The overall aim of the Health Connections Initiative is to contribute to the development of prevention, care, treatment and support mechanisms for those affected …

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Home and Hospice Care of Rhode Island

Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island (HHCRI) is the third-oldest hospice in the nation and the largest and most experienced hospice agency in the state. They provide quality, compassionate, state-of-the-art physical, emotional and spiritual health care to people facing the advanced stages of life-threatening illnesses. They offer the choice of treatment from any …

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Institute for OneWorld Health

[imgur:oneworldhealth.gif:]The Institute for OneWorld Health is a nonprofit pharmaceutical company which develops safe, effective, and affordable medicines for people with infectious diseases in the developing world. The Institute for OneWorld Health will serve as a positive agent for change by saving lives, improving health, and fulfilling the promise of medicine …

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Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

The ICH offers three programs in Classical Homoeopathy.Our four year comprehensive academic and clinical training program includes a two year internship in our free community clinic. We are unique in the depth and thouroughness of our educational approach. We study from the masters of homeopathy, which provides the student with …

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