Issue Area: Ecological Change and Emerging Diseases

Praja Pragathi Trust

Our Mission The organisation aims at the overall development of the rural poor. All its activities concentrate on promotion of education, health care, economic development of the poor through training in professional skills, thrift and credit, etc.Our Purpose Education, Health, Rural Development, TrainingProjects1. Non-formal educationThis project focuses on school drop …

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pResilience is a networking effort beginning with my curiosity about the lack of collaborative social activity around local climate adaptation. Here’s the question behind my curiosity:Why aren’t existing locally-based green/environmental groups doing a better job of consolidating their efforts and working with local governmental entities to prepare for the drastic …

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Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED)

This is the Federation of American Scientists policy initiative calling for global monitoring of emerging diseases, which include ProMEDmail, which is a global electronic reporting system for outbreaksof emerging infectious diseases & toxins, open to all sources.

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Radiation and Public Health Project RPHP

MissionThe Radiation and Public Health Project [RPHP] is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization, established by scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the relationships between low-level, nuclear radiation and public health.RPHP`s mission includes: * Research: Studying the links between low-level radiation and world-wide increases in diseases, especially cancer and those …

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Salam Center

Salam Center is a center located in Beirut –  Lebanon that offers Macrobiotic courses, on healthy balanced food, and a nautural way of living, Meditation and yoga classes are also run in the center, for beginners as well .Sessions like , Acupuncture, Do In Massage, Shaitsu , bio-energy healing and Chinese medicine …

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Stichting International AIDS Vaccine Initiative IAVI

IAVI is a global not-for-profit organization working to speed the search for a vaccine to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. Founded in 1996 and operational in 23 countries, IAVI and its network of partners research and develop vaccine candidates. IAVI also advocates for a vaccine to be a global priority …

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The Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute

The Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute is a non-profit public organization dedicated to saving lives by stimulating the development and distribution of vaccines throughout the world. The Institute is committed to continuing the work of Dr. Albert Sabin, who envisioned the enormous potential of vaccines to prevent deadly diseases, by: …

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