Issue Area: Environmental Health

Abalimi Bezekhaya

Mission statementABALIMI is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to empower the disadvantaged through urban agriculture and environmental programmes and projects.We support our target groups’ ability to replicate their success and transform their lives in their urban and rural environments.ABALIMI assists by providing the following support services:Project implementationAgricultural and horticultural commoditiesTrainingOrganisation …

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Abalone Alliance Safe Energy Clearinghouse

The AA Clearinghouse is the archival office of the Abalone Alliance. The resources of the anti-nuclear movement in California from 1977-1985.  It has an extensive library from that era and still maintains active resources that can be accessed

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Abhigyan Disha

Abhigyan Disha mission:>..To generate awareness among the villagers on health, hygiene, education and civil rights.>..To improve the condition of the women.>..To make the people aware of the need for a clean and healthy environment.

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Abhoy Ashram

Mission: To make the people aware of the need for a healthy and clean environment.

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Aboriginal Rights Coalition British Columbia ARC-BC

PurposeTo promote justice for the First Nations of Canada, seeking to be a partner with them in education, research and advocacy.ActivitiesSupporting the relationship of First Nations to land and ocean; promoting environmental connections (forestry, mining, offshore exploration, water pollution etc.).Organization Type * Canadian Coalition or Network of NGOs

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Academy for Educational Development AED New York

AEDEvery human being has a unique gift to contribute to our world and our future. For more than four decades, AED has devoted all the skills, talent and dedication at its disposal to that belief. AED works everywhere from remote villages to bustling capitals to address critical social problems and …

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Academy of Environmental Sciences

Mission:From raising nurseries to undertaking plantation activities to efforts on reducing pollution in our sacred rivers and improving rural air quality through the installation of improved chulhas, solar cookers, and hand pumps, here is an NGO, Academy of Environmental Sciences, that does it all. Based in the natural resource oozing …

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Action Citoyenne pour les Alternatives aux Pesticides [ACAP]

Ce collectif compte aujourd’hui plus de 100 organisations, ce qui représente près de 300 associations réparties partout en France.>>> Pourquoi l’ACAP ?L’ACAP a pour objet d’informer nos concitoyens des dangers sanitaires liés à la pollution de l’eau, du sol, de l’air, des aliments, de nos corps… par les pesticides.L’ACAP a …

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Action for a Clean Environment

Formed in 1990 to fight – and defeat – the giant incinerator planned for Alto that would have burned garbage from 13 counties. ACE is an all volunteer group. Our purpose is to maintain the purity of our air, water and earth.

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