Issue Area: Environmental Toxicology

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health CEEH

[imgur:23.gif:]Our MissionThe UW NIEHS Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health strives to understand and communicate how genetic factors influence human susceptibility to environmental health risks.Our Research Theme:Biochemical and molecular mechanisms underlying human variability in response to environmental exposures.Our Goals:- Foster collaborations between investigators working in toxicology, molecular biology, genetics, and …

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Centre for Resource Education CRE

The Centre for Resource Education (CRE) is running a campaign to promote organic farming. CRE aims to provide people with an alternative to non-organic agricultural produce that use harmful pesticides. Pesticides, ingrained in the non-organic crops, are harmful not only to the health of the consumers; farmers are even more …

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Chemical Sensitivity Network

Chemical Sensitivity Network is a support and networking organization for individuals with health problems related to environmental irritants, chemicals and other low-level toxic substances. The group shares information related to improving air quality in homes, schools and the workplace, and members act as advocates when dealing with the medical and …

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Children`s Environmental Health Institute CEHI

The mission of the Children`s Environmental Health Institute is to support initiatives to improve children`s environmental health with an emphasis on their micro environment. Objectives : Research :We develop solutions by conducting scientific research to identify hazardous toxins and determine their biomedical effects. Develop innovative products to improve children`s long …

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The Mission of CITRISThe Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society –CITRIS—creates information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems.The first public-private partnership created to use IT in this way, CITRIS partners more than 300 faculty and thousands of students from …

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Civic International Social Service Organisation

Our Aim/Objective/Mission: With the sole aim of providing pollution free atmosphere and in order to reduce/control the effects of various toxic substances on human health and ecosystem, a concept came into existence in the form of an organisation by name Civic International Social Service Organisation totally dedicated to the service …

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Coal Tar Free America

Dedicated to researching, educating, and advocating for the ban and elimination of toxic coal tar sealants (CTS) from our parking lots, homes and environment.

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