Issue Area: Poverty Alleviation


1Sky is dedicated to aggregating a massive nationwide movementby communicating a positive vision and a coherent set of nationalpolicies that rise to the scale of the climate challenge we areconfronting. It has been borne from the collective urgency anddetermination of leaders throughout the country. Our movement has manystrengths, audiences and …

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3HO Foundation

[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]3HO FoundationHealthy Happy Holy OrganizationHappiness is your birthright!” This is what Yogi Bhajan declared on Jan 5

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4RKids Inc- 4RKids Inc works collaboratively with other organizations in identifying need in the different communities and contributing to those identified as the most financially challenged. – There is a partnership relationship with organizations such as churches, The Salvation Army, CEAP, Toys for Tots and many others. – The specific …

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A Child’s Hope Fund ACHF

A Child’s Hope Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious corporation. All contributions are eligible for IRS tax deduction to the fullest extent of the law.ACHF is always in need of program appropriate gifts of commodities for its outreaches, along with the services of trained volunteers. Mission:We help fight pediatric cancer, …

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