Issue Area: Poverty Alleviation

A Drop in the Ocean, Harvard University (HU)

Purpose Statement A Drop in the Ocean (ADITO) is a non-profit organization, led bydedicated volunteers, that strives to lift women and youth out ofpoverty through providing support for grassroots microfinanceorganizations.

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A Fund for Women

A FUND FOR WOMEN, a component fund of The Madison Community Foundation was established in 1993 to improve the lives of girls and women in our community. Since that first year, when a group of original visionary donors put together an endowment fund of $100,000, the fund has grown to …

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A Grain of Hope Foundation, Inc.

We are a nonprofit public charity incorporated in the state of Georgia in December 2000. We have received official classification from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that recognizes our tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.Our first priority is to help those who are in the greatest need, especially those who have found themselves …

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A Path to Wellness

Local Harvest- LocalHarvest maintains a definitive and reliable living” public nationwide directory of small farms

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A Place Called Home APCH

APCH is a dynamic youth enrichment center founded in 1993. Our mission is to provide at-risk youth with a secure, positive family environment where they can regain hope and belief, earn trust and self-respect and learn skills to lead to a productive lifestyle free of the gangs, drugs and poverty …

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A Rocha International South Africa

A Rocha South Africa gets local communities involved in conservation projects. We work in local schools, neighbourhoods and churches, in Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg to express God’s love for all creation. Like the other A Rocha teams worldwide, we work together with people of all faiths or of no faith, who share …

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A Self-Help Assistance Program ASAP

ASAP is a small organization with a big vision. A world without poverty. Our mission is to cultivate self-reliance in Southern Africa. Since 1992 ASAP has been committed to working in partnership with rural African communities, assisting people in their efforts to improve their own lives. By working together with …

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A Society for Integrated Rural Development ASSIST

ASSIST is a non-government organisation (NGO) working towards the empowerment of the poor, through the creation of people’s organisations. Its main goal is to help the deprived unite for development and achieve economic sustainability.The villages covered by ASSIST are located in Prakasam and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh , South …

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