Issue Area: Tuberculosis

Working To Empower

Mission StatementWorking to Empower seeks to empower sustainable community-based change through a variety of locally demanded processes. Focal to this work is the promotion of HIV/AIDS education via seminars and community-wide outreach sensitization work. We are a globally-focused non-governmental organization centering on HIV/AIDS programs on youth lead by youth as …

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World Care Council, Zambia

Regional office of the World Care Council, powered by people living with TB, TB-HIV, and MDR-TB, working around the world to raise the standards of care in our communities.

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World For World Organization WFWO

WFWOWFWO is a Non -Governmental Organization (NGO). Italian-based non-profit organization, operating in Italy and internationally, WFWO was launched on 16 October 2001, on the occasion of World Food Day, and established in 2002, and is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC ┬ľ DESA – UN …

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World Heart Beat International

WHBI is a non-governmental organization interested in promoting globalization as stipulated by united nations and reaches to rural dwellers and communicates to them in the language they will understand.Interested in economic empowerment,discrimination and other debilitating health problems like vision,malaria,leprosy.

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World Lung Foundation

The World Lung Foundation (Foundation) works in partnership with organizations throughout the world that share our mission of improving lung health.The Foundation cooperates closely with agencies working in the field of tuberculosis control, such as the STOP TB Partnership and the World Health Organization (WHO). In particular, the Foundation partners …

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World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners

The World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners is the global membership division of the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers. Membership spans the globe. Our mission is education and delivery of a safer, environmental friendly form of medical┬ácare to the needy, and a restoral of safe, effective scriptural health …

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FIGHT Project is a 5 year TB control project funded by CIDA. Working together with DOTS implementers in 5 districts in NTT Province, Indonesia. Focuses on involving community in implementing TB control program through DOTS strategy.

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Yayasan Peduli Sesama

Our activities in STOP TB Program are more awareness campaign to society so they will know more about and anticipate to TB diseases. The types of our activities are trainings, workshop, seminars, and developing IEC materials. Our target group are all levels society. Our goal for this program: to make …

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Youth Health Organization Uganda

Established in June 2005 as the means to create change to future generations for happy & healthier lives, Youth Health Organization champions efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their health. Youth Health Organization can best serve the field by boldly advocating for a more positive …

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