Issue Area: Water and Sustainable Development

A Rocha USA

A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organisation, our name comingfrom the Portuguese for the Rock”

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The Name is “AARTANA” . It is a Sanskrit word which means “waste”. Weare from India & from the top most industrializedstate & Land of entrepreneurship called”GUJARAT”. We are right now at nascent stage. This saga will bornup , when I was  stroked by the glimpse  IndianRailway. I am regular commuter & also a ardent rail- fan, when …

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ACTED Kinshasa, Congo

The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) is an apolitical, and non-confessional international relief agency created in Afghanistan. The first projects were initiated in Kabul in 1993 to bring relief to populations affected by more than 15 years of conflict.OUR INTERVENTIONS: ACTED is a humanitarian organisation which intervenes in …

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African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation[ANEW]

The Mission of the Africa Civil Society Network on Water [ANEW] is to facilitate the coordination of diverse African Civil Society Organizations [CSO] voices in water and sanitation. Its main objective is to build the capacity of African CSOs, thus enabling them influence and develop policies supportive of MDG and …

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Agency for Sustainable Systems in Science and Technology

The primary objectives and purposes of ASSIST are: •tProvide educational resources and opportunities to students, individuals, and groups interested in sustainable, grassroots community development; •tAssist individuals and groups in procurement and handling of funds for research and projects relating to appropriate technologies and sustainable, grassroots community development; and, •tDesign, develop, …

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Our goal is to improve the standard of living in poor rural communitiesin developing countries by providing appropriate and sustainable waterpurification technology, water committee training and workshops for thecommunity with emphasis on proper water sanitation and hygienepractices.

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