Issue Area: Water Quality and Health

Action For Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM]

Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM] is a voluntary organisation formed for the collective benefit of the voluntary organisations through their own collective actions. Born out of an acute felt need for an apex institution to co-ordinate efforts of the voluntary organisations in their task for providing drinking water …

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Action for Water Development Mysore Society

Mission: To provide water resources to the marginally deprived and poorer section of the people, mostly for agriculture and safe drinking water purposes. To provide water management training to the people for its optimum usage and avoid wastage.

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Action in Development (AID)

Objectives: AID’s objectives are: to facilitate the collective and individual capacity building of women’s organisations; to provide primary health service to the women and children; and to provide rehabilitation programs for disabled populations, mainly children. Activities: They run a litercy program; advocate and facilitate safe water and sanitary living conditions …

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ActionAid Malawi [AM]

Background: ACTIONAID started in the UK in 1972 and is now operational in 21 countries. Actionaid Malawi began work in 1990 following an agreement with the government permitting the organization to address poverty problems in Malawi.Objectives: AM`s objective is to work with children, families and communities to assist them to …

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Actively Conserving Marysville Environs ACME

ACME, the local environment group, together with other groups, is supporting a blockade and associated campsite on a new logging road. This road will open pristine new areas for clear felling adjacent a popular State Park.The objectives of the local campaign include:Extend the Yarra Ranges National Park to include the …

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Adams County IL Freesources

Freesources Recycling Network is made up of many individual groups across the U.S. We are a grassroots movement of people who are giving and receiving good used items for free. Not only do you get to save yourself some money by getting free stuff, you also keep these items out …

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Adarsh Gramin Vikas Samiti [AGVS]

The Bihar-based Adarsh Gramin Vikas Samiti is working to improve the living standards of rural folk in their district. The samiti is also trying to create environmental-awareness among the people. The organization has been actively involving the local populace, and has been managing with funds from the government and non-governmental …

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Adibasi Sangsritic Unnayon Sangstha ASUS

Established in 1998, ASUS is a non-government, voluntary organization working with a view to revive the culture and tradition of the aborigines.Objectives:- Create opportunities for education and primary health care- Improve water and sewerage system- Involve the aborigines in income generating activities- Develop area-based organization of the aborigines Goal :Socio-economic …

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