Issue Area: Empowerment

Worldwide Impact Now

Worldwide Impact Now is a human empowerment” initiative focused on the crisis in Burma.  We have been working in the region since 2004 with a focus on Conflict Resolution and Empowerment of Ethnic Groups toward the goal of a free and democratic Burma.Blog with regular updates at”

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Rose Charities is a  multisectorial network of linked organizations currently involved in 14 countries, but focused on assisting at community level.  Being largely founded and run by ex- or current field workers, paramount emphasis is placed on project functionality, transparancy, meeting-of-actual-needs, and ‘local ownership’.  The diversity of needs and cultures …

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Wyclef Jean Foundation, Inc

Yéle Haiti is a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haitiwhile helping to transform the country through programs in education,sports, the arts and environment. Yéle’s community service programsinclude food distribution and mobilizing emergency relief. Grammy-Awardwinning musician, humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti WyclefJean founded Yéle Haiti in 2005.MissionOur mission …

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