Issue Area: Employment

Zanempilo Trust

Zanempilo is an NGO (non-government organisation) that delivers holistic primary health care services to disadvantaged peri-urban and rural communities in the Western Cape through the employment of full-time Community Health Workers, Community Rehabilitation Workers and HIV Lay Counsellors. Working with a range of service providers, we also strive to improve …

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Zanokhanyo Home Management Centre – Zanokhanyo

Vision: It is our mission to bridge the gap between the impoverished background of unemployed, unskilled women, and basic job opportunities, helping them to grow in confidence, self-esteem and practical skills, enabling them to find and hold jobs in the domestic, cleaning and hospitality industries, or baking to sell within …

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Zeri South Africa Zeri SA

ZERI Southern Africa was set up in 2004 with the main objective of responding to the needs of people with what they have.  Creating locally sustainable solutions that enables and empowers communities to work in harmony with nature is a big focus for ZERISA . Working for a deeper consciousness …

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Zieboh-Ghoba Organization

Zieboh-Ghoba Organization mission is to provide employment opportunities, to address urban drift issue and to help its members to develop their rural communities.Zieboh-Ghoba Organization activities: Leadership training, peace restoration awareness, health and nutrition, income generating etc.

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Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production [ZIMFEP]

Objectives Contribute towards the development of a comprehensive education and training policy for the formal, informal, small and medium scale entrepreneurs as an integral part of the national plan for human resources development. Contribute towards the development of a viable model or system of education and training for employment creation …

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