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We, the members of AEGEE…realizing that the European Youth is building the future of our Continent, aspiring to a peaceful Europe free of obstacles and enmities, of false divisions and forced differences, resolve to remove barriers between the peoples of Europe, determined to contribute to a Europe of co-operation and …

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Amnesty International Nepal

Amnesty International is a worldwide voluntary movement that works to prevent some of the gravest violations by governments of people’s fundamental human rights.The main focus of its campaigning is to:- free all prisoners of conscience. These are people detained anywhere for their beliefs or because of their ethnic origin, sex, …

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Andrew Shu

Our team of expert plumbers can solve all your plumbing problems. From minor issues like faucet repairs to pipe repairs and installations. We provide repair, installation, and maintenance services for all our customers. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing problem!

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Austin Green Art

Austin Green Art’s mission is create cultural evolution by putting art at the service of community.  We accomplish this by producing collaborative, high-profile public art programs that are environmentally themed.We’ve innovated a unique programming model that brings artists, businesses, environmental groups, kids and the community together to accomplish what is …

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Es unaasociación, sin ánimo de lucro, creada para fomentar la autoconstrucciónbioclimática de calidad.Fomentamos elintercambio de trabajoGeneramostalleres en obras realesHacemos cursos deformación de distintas técnicas y del hecho de autoconstruirse una casa en sí.Estamos ubicados enCataluña principalmente, pero según qué actividades podemos ampliar el radio deacció

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