Issue Area: Informal Economy

Instituto Centro CAPE

NOSSA MISSÃOPromover a Educação da Sociedade, através do Desenvolvimento de Competências Empreendedoras.NOSSO DESAFIOManter uma instituição dirigida ao setor produtivo informal, empresa familiar e de micro porte.É do conhecimento de todos que existem centenas de instituições empresariais traballhando com médias e grandes empresas e existem poucas que o fazem somente com …

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Ithaca HOURS

Ithaca HOURS local currency facilitates commerce and exchange which respect labor, community, nature.  One HOUR = one hour of basic labor or $10.00.  Thousands of individuals and over 500 businesses have traded millions of dollars worth of HOURS since 1991.  Web page for board of directors and local system is

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LETS – Bega Valley NSW

Bega Valley LETS is just part of a growing network of people who welcome a system of alternative trading. LETS works on the energy provided by its members; so to get full value from your LETSystem please read this information as it will assist you to harness your energy and …

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LETS – Byron/Mullum/Tweed NSW

B M T LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) is a non profit alternative trading organisation that services the beautiful coastal districts of Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and the Tweed Valley. We are a growing network of individuals who exchange or trade products and skills by using a Local Currency called Ecos”.”

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LETS – Canberra ACT

Canberra LETS Trading Club Inc. was formerly known as QBC LETS. The name was formally changed in early 2004 to more clearly reflect the location and purpose of the organisation.Canberra LETS Trading Club Inc. is a not-for-profit Australian Association incorporated under the ACT Government’s Associations Incorporation Act 1991 as QBC …

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LETS – Hamilton ON

Local Exchange and Trading System is a self-regulating economic network in the Hamilton area that allows its members to create and sustain a local currency in order to promote economic equity, respect and cooperation among community members.Our vision is to create opportunities for people who want to participate in the …

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LETS – Hunter NSW

Hunter LETS is an amalgamation of the systems which used to exist in these areas: Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Dungog and the Central Coast, many of whose members joined Hunter after those systems closed. Membership spreads as far north as Tambar Springs and Barrington and south to residents of Sydney who …

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LETS – Kitchener, ON

[imgul:med_bwlogoblue.png:]Our Mission StatementBarterWorks is a not-for-profit organization that provides a local currency alternative. It is a network for local businesses, individuals, and community groups to exchange labour, goods, and services, and thereby promotes local economic development and provides opportunities for individual economic self-reliance.

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