Issue Area: Informal Economy

LETS – Newfoundland & Labrador

[imgul:med_2barter.jpg:]LETS is an improved barter system, a new kind of money. Typically, barter enables people to get what they need without cash, but is limited in that the two parties involved must be in need of what the other has to offer. In a LETS system credits can be spent …

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LETS – Peterborough

[imgul:med_lets_logo.gif:] The Green Dollar is the official currency of the LETS Exchange. A Green Dollar is equal in value to a Canadian dollar, but it only works within the system. You earn Green Dollars by providing goods or services to another LETS member. You can then use them as a …

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LETS – Philadelphia PA

WHAT is Equal Dollars?Equal Dollars is a legally structured community based currency and trading system, enabling communities and members to enjoy US Dollars savings and creatively/cooperatively share resources.WHY Equal Dollars?To create an additional means to exchange services and products based on a currency accessible to people of all incomes. Equal …

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LETS – Sydney NSW

LETS has been described as a bank which has an unlimited line-of-credit giving members the ability to ‘print’ their own money”.Whilst this utopian concept is not strictly true

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LETS – Toronto ON

Toronto Dollar Mission Statement:The Toronto Dollar is a symbol of caring, created by community-minded citizens in the hope that it will help to build a more just and compassionate city. The work of the Toronto Dollar is to encourage more caring social and economic relationships among people from the community, …

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LETS – Victoria, BC

LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading System. Victoria LETS has been our local economy since 1983. Members trade directly or use the local currency, called “Green dollars” (GRN $) in exchange for goods and services.LETS provides an alternative economy, so everyone can value the goods and services you have to …

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London Time Bank

London Time Bank is the capital’s network of time banking people, groups and organisations.Time-banking, at its simplest, is a mutual form of volunteering. It is a way of supporting communities to support themselves. It is a mechanism for achieving co-produced services.Research shows that time banks succeed in getting people, who …

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Los Angeles Permaculture Guild

An informal community organization based on the prinicpals and ethics of permaculture primarily composed of people who have taken a 72 hour permaculture design course in and around the southern california area.

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Madison Hours – Madison WI

Madison Hours are community currency, issued by the people of the Madison area to increase our local money supply. Because they remain local, Hours enhance and strengthen the economy by employing a local person each time they circulate, without ever draining away to distant parts of the country or world. …

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