Issue Area: Informal Economy

StreetNet International

The aim of StreetNet is to promote the exchange of information and ideas on critical issues facing street vendors, market vendors and hawkers (i.e. mobile vendors) and on practical organizing and advocacy strategies.Objectives- Building and expanding StreetNet International- Identifying organizations organizing and/or representing street vendors, market vendors, hawkers (i.e. mobile …

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Sustainable Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia is a developmental institution headquartered in Cochabamba Bolivia with supporting offices in the United States and Germany. With projects in the Andean highlands and the Amazonian lowlands, our primary objective is to assist local communities in the development of environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable ecotourism programs. Additionally, for …

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The Hub Bristol

The Hub Bristol is a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and supportimaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. The Hub in Bristol is part of a global community of people from every profession, background andculture working at ‘new frontiers’ to tackle the world’s most pressingsocial, cultural and …

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the presidio dialogues

The Presidio Dialogues hosts regular public gatherings intended to stimulate holistic thinking and healthy lifestyles in the world of business. The programs bridge the esoteric arenas of higher consciousness and human spirituality with the pragmatic demands of commercial enterprise.Founded in October 2000 by John Renesch, The Presidio Dialogues moved downtown …

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Time Bucks

[imgu:med_new_03large.gif:]We encourage the non-commercial nature of our community by setting a one-price-for-everybody policy: 15 time-bucks” is equal to one hour of service. That can be broken down into larger or smaller amounts. For example

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Time HOURS – Austin, TX

The Austin Time Exchange, a grassroots community program, enables individuals to provide and receive services with one another by sharing skills within a network of people residing in Greater Austin. It is a local exchange system designed to validate and reward the work of respecting equality and rebuilding community while …

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Time HOURS – Bloomington IN

What Are BloomingHOURS?They’re Bloomington’s hometown paper money bills! They give us a way to trade and barter with each other, to work together more, and to build friendships through sharing our talents. We call our money HOURS” because the system is based on one hour of work being worth $10. …

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Time HOURS – Boulder, CO

SkillShare Network of Boulder County (SkillShare) is a TimeBank. We share our time, skills, and resources — just as our grandparents once did — within a cooperative system in which members can earn and bank TimeDollars for every hour of service that they give to someone else.SkillShare is part of …

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