Issue Area: Rural Farming Communities

Accademia Italiana di Permacultura

L’Associazione, che non ha scopi di lucro, ha per oggetto e si propone di:- essere una rete di supporto per le persone che hanno frequentato i corsi di Progettazione in Permacultura secondo il modulo di 72h, e che hanno deciso di continuare la propria formazione fino all’ottenimento del Diploma di …

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Acção para o Desenvolvimento Rural e Ambiente (ADRA)

ADRA – Acção para o Desenvolvimento Rural e Ambientefoi criada em 1990. A ideia central dos seus fundadores foi a de criaruma organização governamental, que tivesse por missão genérica eimediata a ajuda as populações afectadas pela guerra a reconstruir assuas vidas num ambiente de paz.

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Acoke Rural Development initiatives ARDI

AboutACOKE RURAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (ARDI)is a community youth led organization that was founded in 2004 with the overall goal of challenging young people and parents (both genders) to be active and equal partners in sustainable development at all sectors and levels they may find themselves.It is registered as non-profit rural …

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Action Communautaire pour le Développement Intégral ACODI

Objectifs de l’Association: -Encadrement des paysans par l’éducation, l’animation et la vulgarisation à travers des actions communautaires . -Initier des projets de développpement rural dans le but de promouvoir l’agricuture et l’élevage afin de combattre la malnutrition. – Initier des projets de formation en milieu rural et urbains sur les …

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Action in rural Sussex

Sussex Rural Community Council was formed in 1931 as a registered charity and has served rural communities ever since. In 2002 SRCC changed its name to Action in rural Sussex. Action in rural Sussex has grown steadily and now employs o ver 60 members of staff.The role of Action in …

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Action pour le Developpement de l`Afrique à la Base ADAB

Background: ADAB is a regional NGO base in Dschang in Cameroon. Our main focus is to promote the rights of rural women in Africa to better life by assistant them in Agriculture, environment, small business, and management. Objectives: ADAB has created so far 4 cooperatives to help the rural Africa.

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