Issue Area: Social Development

Zikulise Community Upliftment Project

Our Vision: – To uplift the local community by addressing the unemployment crisis and resulting poverty, the failure rate of small businesses and the plight of the HIV Aids orphans through the provision of incubator and short-course skills training, support, advice and mentorship.- Zikulise’s highest priority is the creation and …

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Zimbanathi Project

Mission StatementZimbanathi is a non governmental organisation of people living with HIV/AIDS, that seeks to empower youth who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through, providing education, care and support, working with organisations and individuals who share the same interest.Zimbanathi was started in order to bring about awareness on the …

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Zinunula Omunaku Women’s Development Group

Our mission is to improve the standards of living of women members and their families, through creation of income generating activities that empower women economically and socially.Issues area of operations: Women’s economic empowerment and social development

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ZOA-Refugee Care

Vision In a broken world in which increasing numbers of people are marginalized by conflict, injustice, poverty and disaster, signs of hope and restoration emerge where people experience peace, justice and mutual confidence, regain dignity and have fair and equal opportunities for development, in accordance with God’s original aim.Mission ZOA-Refugee …

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Zohra Foundation

Zohra foundation is a non governmental organization founded in 1997 working in Bhakkar(punjab) Pakistan for the Socio-Economic and Political Empowerment of Marginalaized communities. Objectives – Provide basic health and hygiene education and improve functioning of existing services as a means of community mobilization- Enhance literacy and education in the program …

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Cooperación con una unión de cooperativas agropecuarias del departamento de Granada (Nicaragua), según los objetivos y necesidades que ellos definen.-Sensibilización de la sociedad vasca. Sectores de trabajo AgriculturaCapacitaciónEducaciónEmergenciaPoblación beneficiaria Población en generalMujeres

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zvakwana and sokwanele

Zvakwana/Sokwanele is a non-partisan, non-profit group of passionate people – volunteers and visionaries – working to keep Zimbabweans informed about breaking news, including civic campaigns and public meetings and events. We have an activist wing that engages in non-violent civic actions.This organisation intends to create space for freedom of movement …

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