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NotesA Crazy Idea, Inc. is a new up and coming organizationrun by a diverse group of twenty year olds who have given up their jobsand time to make this project a success. Lead by Clay Laugier and abelief in making a difference, They have already built this small dreaminto a …

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Andrew Shu

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Arise Family & Family Services

ARISE’s mission is to work with people of all abilities to create a fair and just community in which everyone can fully participate. We embrace the guiding principles of independent living – that individuals with disabilities have a right to dignity, personal responsibility, and self-determination. ARISE offers advocacy and support …

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Arkansas Human Development Corporation ArHDC

Arkansas Human Development Corporation (AHDC), a 501 (c)3 nonprofit was originally charted in 1972 as the Arkansas Council of Farmworkers to administer the U.S. Department of Labor’s Comprehensive Employment and Training Administration’s (CETA) program for Seasonal and Migrant Farmworkers in Arkansas.Our MissionThe mission of Arkansas Human Development Corporation is to …

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Asia Monitor Resource Center

Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) is an independent non-government organization (NGO) which focuses on Asian labour concerns. Founded in 1976, AMRC has been leading the way in promoting workers’ rights and democratic labour movements in Asia and the Pacific for over 25 years now.The Centre supports a democratic and independent …

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Capital District Labor-Religion Coalition

Founded as a volunteer organization more than 20 years ago–and incorporated in 1997–the New York State Labor-Religion Coalition is a growing alliance of unions, religious institutions, youth groups and individuals who share a commitment to challenging economic injustice. Through education, support for organizing, and advocacy the Coalition works to help …

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Career Collaborative, Inc.

Career Collaborative was founded in Boston in 1997 to help low-income people become economically self-sufficient. Our goals are for each of our clients to get a job that offers entry to the middle class, to remain continuously employed for two years, and to learn the skills necessary for career advancement …

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Catholic Commission on Migration CCMWD

Objectives:1. To assist migrant women and young adults with their immediate problems. 2. To conduct research in areas where migration flow is the heaviest. 3. To coordinate research and field work through workshops and seminars. Programs: 1. Training programs for departing migrants 2. On-going education for families of migrants 3. …

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