Issue Area: Worker Rights

9to5 Los Angeles

About 9to5In 1973 a group of office workers in Boston got together to talkabout issues which had no name, sexual harassment, work/familychallenges, and pay equity. From this beginning 9to5 emerged as thenational organization dedicated to putting working women’s issues onthe public agenda. 9to5’s constituents are low-wage women, women intraditionally female …

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A. Philip Randolph Institute APRI

A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, APRl’s co-founders, the fight for workers’ rights and civil rights were inseparable.Randolph (1889-1979) was the greatest black labor leader in American history and the father of the modern American civil rights movement. Rustin (1912-1987), a leading civil rights and labor activist and strategist, was …

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A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

A.J. Muste was a pacifist, anti-war activist and a leader of the labor and civil rights movements whose personal integrity won him a rare universal respect. The Institute publishes pamphlets and books on nonviolence, provides grants and sponsorships to grassroots groups throughout the U.S. and the world, and provides office …

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Aboriginal Art & Culture Celebration Society

The purposes of the society are: 1. to bring together people of all nations to learn, experience and share North American aboriginal art, culture, values and spirituality; and 2. to improve the professionalism, visibility and economic circumstances of aboriginal artists, performers and cultural support workers.

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Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Children’s Home/Kinderhuis

Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Children’s Home makes a meaningful difference in the quality of life of children, families and communities by: · Providing a wide spectrum of appropriate services; · Protecting the rights of the child; · Employees that are motivated, satisfied and fairly remunerated; · By generating and managing …

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Acción Lucense de Sordos ALUSOR

Objetivo:Informar, asesorar e impartir clases a personas sordas, a fin de mejorar su calidad educativa. Realización y promoción de actividades culturales, formativas y recretarivas. Gestión y obtención de ayudas y subvenciones de instituciones públicas y privadas para desarrollar programas en el terreno social, laboral, cutural, educativo, etc.

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Accion para la Liberacion de la Mujer Peruana ALIMUPER

Accion para la Liberacion de la Mujer Peruana (ALIMUPER) is a national organization dedicated to the defense of women’s rights and to raising awareness of their oppression among Peruvian women. ALIMUPER organizes campaigns on women’s rights and denounces human rights violations directed towards women. It supports women in labor unions …

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ACIL-Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation

Mission: To work for the economic upliftment of small/marginal farmers and landless labourers.To provide economic employment to women belonging to weaker sections through the concept of Self-help group and provide timely support through training and micro-credit loansTo create self employment opportunities for educated youth, by providing training.To arrange extension programmes …

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ACTION Northwest

Mission/VisionTo build progressive movement in the United States through grassroots organizing and training, campus forums to foster the next generation of leaders and to build alliances with other organizations and indivduals to find common ground to begin to create the change we want to see in the world. ACTION Northwest …

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