Issue Area: Worker Rights

Action Travail des Femmes ATF

ATF endeavours to provide information and support for women suffering gender discrimination in the workplace.ATF organizes information sessions on the workforce, non-traditional jobs for women and discrimination. It also assists women find jobs.The main issues this organization deals with Womens Rights, Labour

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ActionLA Affinity Group Our People`s Movement For Justice Is a World Wide Project. Understanding the connections between our own individual conditions of life and the lives of people everywhere allows us to come together and organize across all borders!ActionLA is a nonprofit organization under SEE, it was established since last …

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Activist Student Union, DePaul University

The Activist Student Union is a registered student group at DePaul University. We reject hierarchies in our structure, focusing instead on reaching consensus on what we want to do as a group. The school requires us to list a president, but we don’t have one person that tells others what …

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Adelaide Welfare Rights Centre

[imgur:banner.gif:]About usThe Welfare Rights Centre is a community legal centre specialising in Social Security law. The Centre is committed to the proactive provision of information, assistance and advocacy, which changes and enhances the power of people reliant on the Social Security system. The Centre provides free and independent advocacy services …

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ADFYPSE Fundación

Objetivo:Trabajar en la promoción del discapacitado psíquico joven y adulto, tanto en el aspecto formativo como ocupacional y si es posible, laboral. También se favorece su independencia personal y emocional, apoyándole en el ocio y el tiempo libre. Para ello, elaboran diferentes programas dentro de las capacidades particulares de cada …

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Garantizar los derechos de las personas afectadas, accidentalmente ,por sustancias químicas diversas (plaguicidas, disolventes, alquitran) en su lugar de trabajo.

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