We live and work in Maryland, home of the Chesapeake Bay, vibrant and diverse natural areas, historic towns and cities, and a natural and built resource base which has the potential to provide a rich quality of life. We want a future for our state that secures for all citizens the benefits of this wealth. This potential is threatened by poorly managed growth and development – decaying urban and village centers, congested roads, degraded natural resources, declining agricultural economy, and inadequate transportation choices. This pattern of growth exacerbates many of our communities’ problems.

We support a new pattern of development that we can afford – socially, economically, environmentally.

1000 Friends of Maryland is committed to:

Preserve the rich array of our natural resources

Maintain and revitalize our existing communities

Protect historic resources and integrate them into the life of the community

Assure efficient, effective transportation choices for all citizens

Support development which takes into account the public’s interest

Fully realize the goals of smart growth.

1000 Friends of Maryland works on the basis of sound information and knowledge to convince decision-makers and the public to look to the future and not just to tomorrow. As Friends of Maryland, we advocate for Maryland’s future by:

Informing and involving the public in issues related to growth

Building partnerships with concerned citizens, organizations, businesses, and decision-makers

Providing leadership, information, advocacy, and technical assistance

Challenging public and private investment choices and policies which are anti-smart growth

Assisting the state and its communities to realize a vision for the Maryland of the 21st Century.