The mission of 1000 Friends of Minnesota is to promote development that creates healthy communities while conserving natural areas, family farms, woodlands and water.

Vision – We envision a Minnesota where:

Citizens have choices about how their communities grow and have tools to make informed decisions about their future;

There are efficient, diverse, pedestrian-friendly communities along with healthy family farms, woodlands, open space and water;

Cities and towns do not sprawl into the countryside, but are thoughtfully planned with the input of informed citizens;

Growth occurs in a fiscally responsible manner, using existing infrastructure and offering transportation alternatives;

Natural resources are protected, communities are healthy and citizens have access to jobs, housing, and clean air, water and soil.

Goals – Through education, research, coalition building, advocacy, policy development and community organizing, 1000 Friends promotes sustainable patterns of development that balance growth with environmentally, economically and socially sound principles.

To achieve this goal, 1000 Friends works for the following objectives:

Compact growth patterns to reduce sprawl and cost.

Incentives to direct growth to cities and towns where the infrastructure is in place.

Growth patterns and neighborhood designs that build a sense of community.

Diversity of land use, housing, people, and transportation choices to promote equity and sustainability.

Informed citizens and local officials who make sustainable choices that enhance the overall quality of life in their communities