Who are we?

A group of women from the lesbian community dedicated to raising funds in support of Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing’s commitment to build and operate the nation’s very first affordable housing development targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) older adults.

• What are we doing?

It’s simple . . . . 1000 WOMEN DONATING $100 DOLLARS EACH!

Through a primarily internet-based solicitation, we intend to make a $100,000 contribution from the women’s community to Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing’s Last Million” Capital Campaign.

Our goal is to engage the women’s community through increased awareness of this historically significant project while seeking broad based financial participation at a contribution level many can meet.

Imagine what a bold statement that makes.

This gift demonstrates how our community is responding to one of the biggest challenges facing the GLBT community. The need to take care of its elders!

The first 1000 women who contribute will be individually

recognized on the building.”