We are committed to achieving the following objectives:

*Revitalize existing communities and business districts

*Strengthen local, regional, and Commonwealth land use planning and *consistency of implementation through legislation, education, and incentives

*Encourage future development near existing infrastructure

*Reduce traffic congestion and air and water pollution

*Provide housing for people of all ages and incomes in our communities

*Protect historic, natural, agricultural, and recreation areas

*Reduce land and resource consumption

*Conserve fiscal resources

In order to accomplish these objectives, we are working to:

*Seek adoption of policies, including legislation, providing for consistent, sustainable, long-term growth strategies that address property tax reform, incentives for investment in existing communities, and the need for diversity in our local communities

*Provide leadership, information, and funding to achieve these objectives

Educate, assist, and build consensus among state and local leadership

Build a constituency to provide ongoing leadership