Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Issue Areas: Child and Youth Protection, Ethnic Equality

1ON1 is a project whose goal is to widen personal acquaintanceship among the various ethnic groups in Israel through the experience of mutual adoption carried out between families.

The project is directed primarily to the Arab and Jewish sectors, but not only.

The organization is non-political and not-for-profit.

The mutual adoption will take place after families have been matched for age of parents, children etc.

Three formal, annual meetings will take place during each year in various centers in Israel, but the main goal is the 1 on 1 meetings, as the name indicates.

The purpose of the project is to provide appropriate conditions and a constructive atmosphere in which several intimate meetings can take place, in a family atmosphere, between the twinned families.

Each side may widen the horizons and deepen the acquaintanceship and understanding between twinned families.

By meeting 1 on 1, all sides may find a place to which they can address questions directly to another individual whom they know personally.

Families may share holiday celebrations and special events with each other, thereby letting the other share the experience