20/20 Vision BC is a non-profit society committed to enabling concerned individuals to join others in influencing policy makers, in a spirit of goodwill, to protect our environment and enhance peace.

20/20 Vision Subscribers Have Contributed to the Following Successes:

Blocking construction of the Sumas energy 2 Power Plant [2004]

Preserving Burn`s Bog [2003]

Cancelling the Proposed Gas-fired Electricity Generating Plant for Vancouver Island [2003]

Protecting Strathcona Provincial Park Lakes from Siphoning for Hydroelectricity [2003]

Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions [2002]

Passing Canada`s Species at Risk Act [2002]

Committing Home Depot to Stop Selling Old Growth Forest Products [1999]

Reducing Sulphur Content in Canadian Gasoline [1999]

Ratifying the International Treaty to Ban Antipersonnel Mines [1998]

Passing BC`s Beverage Container Deposit Legislation [1998]

Preserving BC`s Northern Rockies [1997]

Designating Clayoquot Sound a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve [1995]

Tatsenshini River Ecosystem – A Class A Provincial Park [1993]

20/20 Vision continues to work on these critical issues:

Curbing Terrorism Through Peaceful Means

Maintaining the Moratorium on Oil and Gas Exploration

Reducing the Harmful Effects of BC’s Fish Farm Industry

Expanding and Preserving Canada’s National Park System

Protecting Canada’s Fresh Water from Export

Preserving the Health of Ecosystems in the Georgia Strait