About 2020 Vision

2020 Vision and 2020 Vision Education Fund are dedicated to solving global challenges where international security, energy and the environment come together. We see that today’s great global challenges are linked, and we strive to find overarching solutions.
To achieve our goals, we work with Congress, the media, on college campuses and in communities across the country.

Together, we can create a safer, healthier future. We are committed to stopping global warming, preventing the next oil war and working for a smarter security policy. Join us!

Energy Security: Our Vision for 2020

Our 2006 PowerShift National Tour and National Summit on Energy Security focused on ending America’s dependence on oil.

While many speak of Energy Security, we believe that achieving it requires concrete goals. By the year 2020, we seek to achieve:

* A national requirement that all states produce 20% of their electricity from renewable sources (Renewable Energy Standard), increasing to 25% by2025 and to 30% by 2030
* A national requirement that all states produce 20% of their liquid fuels from renewable sources (Renewable Fuel Standard), increasing to 25% by 2025 and to 30% by 2030
* A national requirement that all new cars average at least 50 miles per gallon (Corporate Average Fuel Economy, CAFÉ) and be able to use E85 Ethanolfuel (Flexible Fuel)

The History of 2020 Vision

2020 Vision works to increase citizen participation in public policy decisions on energy, security and the environment.

2020 Vision consists of two affiliated organizations. 2020 Vision Education Fund is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating our members and their communities. 2020 Vision is a non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization that engages in lobbying by our members and staff. Donations to the Education Fund are fully tax-deductible.

2020 Vision was formed in 1986 to serve a critical unmet need: mobilization of public support for national campaigns to promote global security and protect the environment. The Education Fund has promoted a variety of conferences across the country, from our PowerShift Tour on Energy Security to our series of lectures on the pre-war Iraq intelligence. We will continue to educate the public with events on challenges facing the environment and security.

Our network covers all 50 states, including rural and urban areas, and a wide range of ages and economic status. We work closely with other security and environment groups that share our goals, bringing efficiency and added political leverage to many different campaigns. Our vision is for a peaceful world, a sustainable environment and participatory democracy at the local level. Our work generates tangible results on security and environment issues of national and international significance.