.tounit the efforts and potential of the organization’s members and supports, andto direct them for assisting the Republic of Armenia in the strengthening andmaking powerful as a democratic, social and rule of law state;

.toassist the consisting a civil society, for deepening democracy and human rightsdefence in the Republic of Armenia;

.throughthe community initiatives and advocacy to assist the forming ofnon-governmental institutions in the communities of the Armenian regions, thestrengthening of the mutual relations between local self-management bodies andthe population, the raising of democratic, social and legal awareness level ofthe community population;

.torealize community projects, which will assist the formation and development ofcommunity population;

.to protect therights of the socially insecure groups of the population in the communities, inparticular disables, emigrants and the youth, social and other information andservices of community importance;

.to promote thedevelopment of the economy, based in market relations, particularly to promotethe raise of knowledge in the sphere of businessmen and entrepreneurs dealingwith small and medium business and to the protection of their rights;

.to assist thepreserving of the cultural values in the communities;

.to promote theeffective organization of educational process in the schools and highereducational establishments, to acquaint the students, teachers and thelecturers more deeply with the values of democratic and civil society;

.to cooperate withsimilar organizations in the Republic of Armenia and foreign countries;organisations;

.to organizepublic hearings, meetings, seminars, round tables, conferences and othermeasures not forbidden by the law in the communities of the Republic of Armeniaby the order defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.