The 300 Committee is a private, non-profit land trust dedicated to protecting and preserving open space for the citizens of Falmouth Massachusetts. Founded by a small group of volunteers in 1985 on the 300th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Falmouth, it is now the largest private land trust on Cape Cod with nearly 1500 members.

The 300 Committee has spearheaded acquisition of more than 1700 acres of conservation land in partnership with the Town of Falmouth and itself holds ninety additional acres acquired through private purchase or gift. The 300 Committee also encourages landowners to establish conservation easements, which protect their properties from development in perpetuity, while allowing them to retain ownership.

In addition to preserving land, The 300 Committee maintains a Land Stewardship Program, with volunteers adopting” parcels to assist the Town in caring for its thousands of acres of conservation land.

Nearly 1500 members support the mission of The 300 Committee. We are very proud of our dedicated group of volunteers who serve in many ways. Please contact us if you would like to learn about our work.”