3D provides fun and challenging educational opportunities. Our programs however are rooted in a mission that seeks to address significant issues and be a catalyst for long term change.


The earth is a magical place filled with a vast array of life and beauty. Yet our planet is also facing serious threats to its health and vitality through environmental degradation and the imbalance between human activity and natural systems.


In the United States we are blessed by a tradition of integration and tolerance that has allowed different groups to come to our country and thrive. Our country has been and continues to be enriched by the contributions and traditions of people from a multitude of backgrounds. Yet for many Americans, an interest in and understanding of the rich cultural traditions of others has been superceded by the rise of a mono-culture of material consumerism.


The civic and social activities that create the bonds of community are in decline. A sense of belonging, of connection and of responsibility, is vitally important to the cohesion and strength of our society.