The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust is an Advocacy Group Promoting a System of

Connected Recreational Trails in the Portland Metro Area. The Trust also Pursues Completion of the 40-Mile Trail Around the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust was incorporated in 1981 with the purpose of assisting in the acquisition of lands along with conservation and recreation easements along the 40-Mile Loop corridor.

The 40-Mile Loop Land Trust, a non-profit private land acquisition organization. The Trust remains independent of any governmental body and is managed by a volunteer citizen board of directors.

Activities of the Land Trust include:

– Acquiring lands by using funds available in the Trust’s revolving fund.

– Accepting land donations by deed or by contract.

– Accepting conservation easements or other rights to trail construction.

– Land Banking” of properties for future transfer to public agencies.

– Identification of needed land along the corridor.

– Advocacy of government funding for purchase and construction of trails.

– Development of public access to the trail.

– Help in forming local advocacy groups for management and use of parks.”