4Children has always had a vision of joined up support for children and families in every community, with specialist help for those who need it most. Since the re-launch of the charity in 2004, we have seen unprecedented commitment by Government to improving and reshaping the support our society offers to children, young people and families. The Childcare Bill is a major landmark, marking the latest step in a generation long campaign to give all our children the best start in life and give parents the support in their communities that they need.

Achieving these aims have been core ambitions and objectives for 4Children. We have actively influenced and shaped thinking and support at all levels. Ensuring that these are now translated into robust investment and delivery over the coming months and years is a major priority – from children’s centres to extended schools, from parenting and family support to opportunities for young people.

We have a unique opportunity to redefine the way that we support children, young people, and families in the country. 4Children will continue to work with parents, children, young people and our partners to open up opportunities to make the vision a reality.