4RKids Inc

– 4RKids Inc works collaboratively with other organizations in identifying need in the different communities and contributing to those identified as the most financially challenged.

– There is a partnership relationship with organizations such as churches, The Salvation Army, CEAP, Toys for Tots and many others.

– The specific role of 4RKids is to raise funds and provide the necessary toys or school supplies identified by each of the requesting organizations. Once the funds are raised and the supplies are purchased, 4RKids utilizes a warehouse to store these supplies until the organizations are able to pick up or arrange shipping to the community that they serve.

– This is another benefit that 4RKids provides to the communities requesting assistance, donations can be collected on a year round basis and stored until they are needed.

– 4RKids staff currently consists of two salaried employees and a data base of 450 volunteers. In addition there are four board members that meet on a quarterly basis.


The vision of 4RKids is to grow the board members to a minimum of eight by fiscal year 2007. As the requests for assistance grows, 4RKids realizes that there will be a need for additional salaried employees by fiscal year 2007.


The mission of the 4RKids is to deliver the message of hope to the most economically challenged children in our communities. We pursue this mission by continually evaluating the issues and needs of these children and subsequently striving to address their needs. We believe that a key element in successfully addressing those needs is to provide toys during the Holiday season and school supplies, backpacks and book bags for the school year. These are currently the two endeavors to which the majority of the 4RKids ’s time is devoted.