The 56a Infoshop is a volunteer-run, 100% unfunded DIY-run social centre in Walworth, South London.

We are a resource for local people, campaign groups and projects as well as selling books, zines, music and t-shirts. We have an extensive radical archive of international info with hundreds if not thousands of publications that we have saved over the last 14 years of being open.

We are part of a larger Social Centres Network in London and part of a global network of Infoshops, autonomous spaces, projects & people dreaming and working for a better world.

‘How weak and thin are our dreams and desires, how insubstantial the intrigues of politics and everyday life compared with the cold winds of Kars. It is because we failed to find happiness in poetry that we found ourselves hiding in the shadow of politics ‘ Orhan Pamuk, in ‘Snow’