About 9to5

In 1973 a group of office workers in Boston got together to talkabout issues which had no name, sexual harassment, work/familychallenges, and pay equity. From this beginning 9to5 emerged as thenational organization dedicated to putting working women’s issues onthe public agenda. 9to5’s constituents are low-wage women, women intraditionally female jobs, and those who’ve experienced any form ofdiscrimination. Membership is open to all.

Our mission is to build a movement to achieve economicjustice, by engaging directly affected women to improve workingconditions.

Our 9to5 Bay Area chapter was organized in 1999. Our Los Angeleschapter organized in 2006. We’re fighting discrimination and harassmentand advocating paid sick days, equal pay, immigrant rights, and generalrights & respect in the workplace.

9to5 is committed to: Winning family-friendly policiesto help working people balance responsibilities at home and on the job;Making nonstandard jobs voluntary and equitable so that those who workpart-time or as temps receive fair pay and benefits; Eliminatingworkplace discrimination through educating about legal rights on thejob, monitoring enforcement agencies, and expanding anti-discriminationlaws; Opposing punitive welfare policies and backing those that allowwomen to be self sufficient while supporting their families.