A Circle of Friends

Peoples United Methodist Church

A Circle Of Friends is an interfaith fellowship of churches of all faiths in nations all over the world who have joined in fellowship to form a league of truly extraordinary friends. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, race, faith and occupations who have joined in an informal fraternity linking our churches together because we live in times which call for otherwise ordinary people to reach out to each other and show the rest of the world that we can live together in peace. That we can learn from each other. Get to know and understand our different lands, our beliefs, views and histories, even our diverse foods. And instead of letting those differences divide us – we seek to embrace them and let them bring us together as brothers and sisters

The world we live in today can be a frightening and uncertain place with too much mistrust leading to too much hatred that’s leading us to too many wars and too much killing and too much sorrow. A Circle Of Friends is a fellowship of people just like you in churches just like yours who believe we can live as one and through our friendships, open dialogue of whatever’s on anyone’s mind, our prayers for each other, and our desire to pass a better world on to our children. We believe in faith. We believe in peace. And we believe in each other.

Founded in 1994 at Peoples United Methodist Church in South Portland, Maine in the United States, A Circle Of Friends today includes member churches in over 50 nations, even in 2 churches behind the so called iron curtain”. We won’t be satisfied til we are linked to all of his children and have at least one church in every nation. We are always welcoming new friends of any faith in any nation.

There is much for us all to share. And we need not agree on everything. In fact