The goal of A Future Without War is to foster an internet-based community (people and organizations) working to create a future without war by putting into place those “necessary conditions” required by our biological nature if we seek peace. Based on a biological foundation and drawing heavily from history and anthropology, AFWW is an educational organization that disseminates information explaining:

· Why eliminating war is possible.

· Those areas of focus that must be addressed to achieve that goal: empowering women, enlisting young men (channeling male aggression), fostering connectedness (to family, community, humanity, the environment, tolerance), insuring essential resources (food, clean water, medical care, shelter, educational opportunities), promoting nonviolent conflict resolution (win-win conflict resolution or mutual-gains bargaining via negotiation and mediation rather than armed conflict), spreading democracy (including the promotion of fully mature democracies with a 50/50 men to women sex ratio)