A Glimmer of Hope is a family foundation primarily focused on making a sustainable difference in the lives of the rural poor of Ethiopia by way of its innovative direct aid, self-help approach.

A Glimmer of Hope’s goal is to help the Ethiopian people help themselves and by engaging at the village and district level, its integrated development projects reflect the true needs of those communities.

The foundation also uses its entrepreneurial and cost-effective approach to help socially excluded young people in the United Kingdom and Austin, Texas by supporting projects that build self-esteem, offer positive choices and develop life skills.

A unique aspect of A Glimmer of Hope’s approach is 100 percent of donor funds are directed to those partners and communities in need. This is made possible by the income arising from the foundation’s endowment being used to cover all operating overheads.

In Ethiopia, A Glimmer of Hope provides clean, accessible water, schools and classrooms, health clinics, hospital rehabilitation, medicines and irrigation. It has also provided emergency food relief to 250,000 Ethiopians exposed to food shortages.

By the end of 2005, the foundation will have completed more than 1,600 projects and directly impacted approximately 1.5 million Ethiopians living in poverty in remote, rural villages. It launched its national aid program in Ethiopia in 2001.

In Austin and the United Kingdom, the foundation funds a variety of projects ranging from after-school and arts programs to health and nutrition education and summer camps.