The mission of Life Frames, Inc is to develop site and culturally-sensitive designs for community learning environments in different locales with extensive community involvement through Community Research Mentoring Teams that utilize all the resources in the area—human, ecological, economic, historic, technological, and aesthetic. Each of these environments has integrated programs, project-based interdisciplinary curricula, and community-originated products establishing the sites as vital life-long learning magnets for the community as well as adding to the economic and community development of each area.

The Goal is to develop Branch Living Libraries in different communities of the world to be connected using state-of-the-art communications technologies. The programs and projects of Life Frames, Inc. are meant to link and demonstrate the interconnections between systems and phenomena—biological, cultural, and technological.

Recently, Bonnie Ora Sherk’s Living Library Model was suggested by the Secretary General of the United Nations Habitat ll Programme, Dr. Wally N’Dow, to be part of World’s Best Practices & Local Leadership of Habitat ll.” Ms. Sherk recently won an award and was named the “Most Outstanding Healing Artist for the Year 2001 of the Arts & Healing Network” by its Founder and Director