APCH is a dynamic youth enrichment center founded in 1993. Our mission is to provide at-risk youth with a secure, positive family environment where they can regain hope and belief, earn trust and self-respect and learn skills to lead to a productive lifestyle free of the gangs, drugs and poverty that surround them. We help inner city youth find their dreams through educational enrichment.


The vision of APCH is to revitalize the community of South Central Los Angeles in a continued effort to provide inner-city youth with a safe environment and a safe place to develop and grow. This vision includes growth and expansion of the APCH center, community park and garden. It is also part of the vision to rehabilitate a six-block radius around the center within the next five years. One block at a time, the community will be slowly cleaned up, changing perceptions and forming pride in the neighborhood. It is our hope to work with the community and collaborating agencies in an effort to make the inner-city a better place for the children and everyone.