A SEED Japan (Action for Solidarity, Equality, and Environment and Development) is a Japan based, international youth environmental


A SEED Japan strives for a sustainable and fair society and focuses on cross border environmental problems and the social injustices found within these.

We aim to change the present pattern of mass production, mass consumption and mass waste, and eliminate the gaps between north and south, different regions, and between different generations.

At the Earth Convention in 1992, it became clear that individual environmental problems were closely related and the cause was identified in the development of the demand for economic growth. It was recognized that these environmental problems were not just regional problems, but of a global scale. In conjunction with rapid economic globalization, environmental problems have continued to worsen.

A SEED JAPAN aims towards solutions to the social injustices that coexist with environmental problems, and takes action based on the following:

1. A focus on economic and community structures.

We believe that environmental problems derive from economic and community structures and take action focusing on this cause.

2. Spreading the message about environmental problems from a youth point of view.

We identify environmental problems and social injustices in the context of youth lifestyle, and from this starting point aim to spread the message to a large cross section of society.

3. Aiming to change society with a long-term perspective.

With constant concerns for the future of our earth, we create proposals and take action to change our present social system with long-term objectives.