A Simple Peace mission is to make the world a safer place by helping to eliminate terrorist violence and human rights violations, defuse political and religious tensions, and co-opt radical fanaticism with realistic solutions based on truth and mutual benefit for all concerned. To put all people on an equal footing in the eyes of their fellow man, as they are in the eyes of God. Not for or against any nation, people or religion. Simply pro-peace.

Mankind can no longer ignore the fact that, the IsraeliĀ–Palestinian conflict is having drastic repercussions throughout the world. Many believe this conflict to be the root cause of the global radical Islamic terrorist movement and that, stopping it will cause radical factions throughout the world to at least pause their current global campaign. Every act of violence and inhumanity triggers, sometimes exponentially, evermore-violent responses by both fanatics and rational partisans alike whose causes, in some instances, may actually be noble but whose acts are horribly destructive.