A-SPAN is a non-profit community-based organization whose mission is to assist every homeless person in Arlington County get off the streets and live a life of dignity. A-SPAN works with and on behalf of homeless people to secure the support and services necessary for them to lead self-sufficient and healthy lives. A-SPAN accomplishes its goal by working with homeless people, local government, business, religious and charitable institutions, and concerned individuals. Our strategies include:

Meeting emergency needs including food and shelter;

Providing direct outreach, case management and employment assistance,

Advocating for and creating new programs to fill gaps in preventive, emergency and rehabilitative services, and

Increasing community awareness and involvement in ending homelessness.

A-SPAN was started by concerned Arlingtonians in 1989 and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1992. A-SPAN estimates there are currently at least 700 people living on the streets of Arlington during the course of a year. A-SPAN continues to have a strong volunteer foundation and invites all individuals and groups to help guide people from the streets to health, homes, and jobs. Anyone who is concerned about homeless people in Arlington is welcome, including those who are or have been homeless themselves.