A Studio in the Woods, located in Lower Coast Algiers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat where visual, literary and performing artists can work uninterrupted.

Programming includes community workshops in the arts and environment, and an outdoor classroom where school children and university students can experience and study the natural world. The only artists’ retreat in the Deep South, A Studio in the Woods fosters both environmental preservation and the creative work of artists.

To protect the uninterrupted work time of our residents and students, A Studio in the Woods is open to the public by invitation or appointment only.

An artists` community

An artists` community is professionally run organization that provides time, space, and support for artists’ creative research and risk-taking in environments rich in stimulation and fellowship. A Studio in the Woods is the only live-in artist community in the Deep South.

The natural environment

The natural environment and our Louisiana Wetlands, increasingly in danger of extinction, are a life-giving resource to us all. All art comes from the shapes, forms, textures, lines, gestures, and sounds of the natural world. The natural world provides a space of endless inspiration for artists.