To organize & strengthen women to ensure their participation in the Development process. To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment.

To enhance Womens Role through providing them Education, and sector specific training.

To aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women empowerment.

About us

AAGAHI is an independent, non-governmental developmental organization that is struggling for Gender Equality. AAGAHI is dedicated to promote socio economic development among the disadvantaged strata of society by utilization of local resources with optimum community participation. AAGAHI established in 1996 and latter got itself registered with the Societies Registration Act 1860. AAGAHI has two tier organizational structure, which comprises on, Executive Council & BOD. The major goals are: To create analytical consciousness about the dynamics of existing socio economics structures among the disadvantaged strata of society. Community Development through integrated approach. Develop sustainable & compatible development system for community Empowerment Through grassroots organizations. To liaison with like-minded Regional, National, International organizations for promoting different development initiatives related with a struggle for a just socioeconomic polity and to enlighten the policy making bodies and institutions about the desire able interventions vis-à-vis the socioeconomic issues emerging at grass root level.

The basic approach of Organizational work is, Optimum Mobilization Of Local Resources, Institutional Development, Capacity Building, Participatory Approaches and Advocacy/ Mass Mobilization. AAGAHI is running the comprehensive programs for Socio economic development with integrated approaches and envisage the Social Empowerment through, making their access possible to information, Education, Providing Legal education to women. AAGAHI is executing the Institutional Development through Building Capacity of Social Organizations, Linkages Development with the stakeholders at different levels, facilitating them in doing need base practical activities conducted by the partner Social Organizations. AAGAHI, since its formation working on Economic empowerment through, providing training of Micro Entrepreneurship, providing training on Crafts & Garments, developing mechanism for the consumption of production made by women and through Promoting crafts and different production through developing linkages. Currently, AAGAHI is a member of NGOs Network Multan [NNM], Action Committee for Citizen, Sustainable Action Forum for Environment [SAFE], Divisional Co-Coordinator of PNCC [Punjab NGOs Co-ordination Council], Member of Citizen Action Committee, Member of Gender and Governence Network [GAGN], and Chief Coordinator of Southern Punjab Women Development Forum [SPWDF].