Aang Serian [the name means `House of Peace` in Maasai language] is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in March 1999 by young people in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.

It is officially registered with the National Arts Council of Tanzania [BASATA] as an organisation for the promotion of arts and culture.

Aang Serian is now establishing itself as a global NGO dedicated to preserving indigenous traditions and knowledge, and promoting inter-cultural dialogue across the world.

Aang Serian is not funded by donor agencies, or linked to any specific religious or political group. We are a diverse group of people, working with schools, colleges and community groups in Tanzania and elsewhere, daring to believe that:

– By refusing to be labelled `underdeveloped‚, we can build our self-esteem.

– By rediscovering our traditions, we can build our identity.

– By using the skills and knowledge of our ancestors, we can build our economy.

– By promoting dialogues between ethnic groups, we can build a peaceful society.

Aang Serian seeks to help indigenous people help themselves by providing fair trade opportunities for their products, such as handicrafts and recorded music – both through our shop at Jambo Makuti Garden, Boma Road, Arusha, and outside Tanzania.

Aang Serian also promotes local participation in anthropological and ethnobotanical research, and is committed to returning findings to communities and upholding international conventions on the rights of Indigenous Peoples.