Aarambh is a non-profit organisation registered with National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland (Rgn. No. 191020). It has the objectives to carryout development projects in the fields of primary education and basic health care for people with limited access in the remote regions of developing economies.

Human beings have a tendency to transcend their own pressing individual interests and contribute to society at large through their innovations and commitment to the welfare of others.

At Aarambh, there is general concurrence of the fact that most of the individuals are involved in social and community work in one way or the other within their working environment and should they combine their efforts they can be extremely effective. As the principle of synergy works wonders, Aarambh through the mobilisation of well-meaning and dedicated individuals aims at doing something for the impoverished in the developing countries.

Thus to keep in sustained activity a group of like-minded and well-connected individuals who are willing to work with transparency and dedication for the hapless, constitutes the fundamental goal of Aarambh.