Location: Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States
Issue Areas: Birds, Community Training, Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife Habitat Conservation

The Aark is nestled in the countryside of Newtown, Pennsylvania. As the Ark of Noah provided refuge from extinction for the world’s wildlife species, the Aark provides temporary sanctuary for thousands of injured and orphaned birds and mammals annually.

The work of the Aark is divided into three major areas – Rehabilitation, Education and Training. Each with the common goal of fostering the care and understanding of wildlife.


The Aark offers a variety of group experiences to enhance and promote community awareness of, and respect for, our wild heritage.

The Aark is always seeking individuals interested in volunteering their time to learn more about the interesting world of wildlife and assist with animal care and the Center’s many activities.

The Aark sets broken bones, treats illnesses, and provides food and shelter for birds and mammals that have been injured or have been orphaned and are too young to care for themselves. The goal is to return these creatures to their natural environment as quickly as possible, able to fend for themselves.